Our Latest MS Project

Multiple Sclerosis is something our crew has become rather knowledgeable about having carried out a great deal of work over the past few years, for clients which include global pharmaceutical companies, the NHS and MS charities.

Our most recent MS project was the production of training videos commissioned by the NHS in conjunction with the MS Trust. The video clips Rumble produced are an integral part of an on-line training resource used by all MS Nurses throughout England and Wales. Our crew spent the best part of a week filming at the University College London Hospital on Queen’s Square in London and interviewed some of the highest medical professionals in the field of Multiple Sclerosis including MS specialist nurses, consultants and neurologists. It was an incredibly interesting project which gifted us with an extremely privileged insight into the disease and the specialist training of NHS nurses.

As is so often the case, it was the people with MS we filmed who made the most lasting impression on our crew. Their shall-not-be-beaten attitude to the disease and determinedly positive outlook on life was formidable and truly inspirational – something we would all benefit from adopting! Maybe we will develop on this in our blog at some point, as we feel that the people we have met over the years and our experience working with those with Multiple Sclerosis is worth sharing.

We don’t have any of this training material on our website. We can, however, show you an excerpt from the introduction of another MS video we produced  www.rumblelimited.tv/teva

For all your video production requirements please visit us at www.rumblelimited.tv

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