Orphan Mazunzo

Mazunzo was the youngest of the three orphans we worked with on the film. She was fifteen and lived with her grandmother who, by Malawian standards, was very old – the average life expectancy was forty two years old at the time after all!

She and her grandmother lived miles from the school in a small house made of clay brick with a sheeted corrugated iron roof. There was a bed frame in the house but no mattress, which is where her grandmother slept. Mazunzo slept on a mat on the floor. And there was a table but we didn’t see Mazunzo ever study here as by the time she had fetched water and tended to the crops and animals, it would be dark. And any money would be spent on food, not paraffin. There were two out-houses: one was the toilet (hole in the ground) and the other had a mound of sticks and a fire which was where Mazunzo cooked their daily meal. The photo shows she and her grandmother sharing a bowl of nsima, which is a mix of cornflour and water and the staple diet in Malawi, with pumpkin leaves.

This link will take you to our short film www.rumblelimited.tv/malawi

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