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Quality advertising, PR and marketing agencies are experts at taking on the requirements, vision and objectives of clients in order to achieve tremendous brand success.

However, in our experience, the success of the video element can often rely on whoever in the organisation is given responsibility for ‘overseeing’ the video part of a project. The brief for the video can be passed down from key members of the agency, who are working directly with the client, to someone far less experienced – and far less on the pulse! As a result, the remit presented to the video production company will be limited to this individual’s understanding and interpretation of what is required and when this person has less ability, experience or indeed confidence than our own production team, the process can become unbearably frustrating.

It can result in our filming and editing a video which meets their version perfectly but is off target when it comes to the next level up and what the client actually wants. What makes things worse is that when the edit is complete, but not approved, this individual will make amends to the video before letting anyone else in the organisation view it. These amends can invariably be a complete waste of time and although we are hired as filming and editing facilities, and therefore paid for this work, it is downright frustrating knowing that our work is a waste of time.

Even when our point of contact has got the brief and video bang on there is always the possibility that someone at the next level up will tweak something. This is why we encourage them to seek this feedback first so all the changes are made in the edit suite in one final go. It makes sense. The client saves editing costs and we all spend our time much more productively.

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