Now That’s A Green House

We do a lot of driving around the country in this job. Unless it’s a meeting, in which case we can enjoy the delights of the British public transport system (!), we spend a fair amount of time on the road travelling to and between filming locations. Journeys can often be long, so it’s good to find something entertaining to look at, talk about, or laugh at on the way – apart from each other!

There are all the usual landmarks the length and breadth of the UK and if the landscape gets a bit dull then fellow drivers (and their driving!) can be a reliable source of entertainment. Over the years our film crew have certainly come across quite a lot.

One place in particular always makes us laugh! This house! Regardless of the number of times we have driven past this house on our way back to the office, it always raises a chuckle and conversation of a bewildered theme… must be like living in your very own tropical rainforest etc.

It has earned itself a number of affectionate names from our film crew over the years, with the  ‘honey monster house’ being one of them…

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