Not Such A Great Night

Our video production company works a great deal with drinks brands and event companies and the film crew is therefore used to filming people enjoying themselves on a night out. It’s just another shoot at the end of the day (literally!) with the same requirements, considerations and objectives. Although sometimes, admittedly, a lot more amusing!

People ‘under the influence’, for want of a term, can often make our crew’s filming task a little easier as they can range anywhere between being slightly less inhibited about being filmed to absolutely in love with the camera!

We would have settled for either the Saturday night our video production company was commissioned to film the winners of a Clyde One (Scottish radio station) competition at Tiger Tiger in Glasgow. The prize was an all-paid night out for a group of girls in the VIP lounge of what was probably at the time Glasgow’s hottest venue – filmed!

Sounds great but alas it wasn’t! Let’s just say this wasn’t the most exciting event coverage we had ever done and indeed our cameraman struggled for interesting ‘what a great night out’ type shots as per the video brief. The group of girls were self-conscious about being filmed and spent the whole evening stuck to the spot sipping drinks in a distinctly reserved and (far too!) sober manner, making for an extremely long filming shift and a shoot which has gone down in Rumble history as one of the dullest ever!

In total contrast here is a top night we filmed at the Corinthian Club in Glasgow

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