Non-Fashionable Essentials

Filming in factories is always preceded by an induction in health and safety and the provision of the necessary protective gear. And boy, has our video production team worn in all!

Hi-vis vests, jackets, hard hats, ear plugs, safety glasses and safety boots, in an array of random and generally far too large sizes, are par for the course with all the engineering, manufacturing and construction type shoots – despite it being no easy task finding safety boots in a size 3! Whilst where food is involved out come the white jackets, shoe mits, hats and rather wildly-coloured hair nets.

Safe (literally!) to say that none of this attire is in the least bit flattering and guaranteed that some humorous member of the Rumble film crew will make a point of getting the stills camera out and taking horrific photos of everyone. Needless to say no-one in the production office was willing to have such a photo of themselves posted on our blog so we have used a photo we took at Stevens bakery. At least this guy is immune to seeing himself in such attire!!

We don’t have a video of this bakery on our website but you can whet your appetite watching some top chefs at work on

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