Mining Thai Style

We get to visit some truly amazing places through our job and one such place was a lignite mine in Thailand. Situated in Lampang, six hundred kilometres from Bangkok, Mae Moh is the largest open pit mine in Thailand and is simply huge. So big that it actually has an eighteen hole golf course on site!

Our crew was there to film Terex trucks in action and on arrival had to secure all the appropriate permissions to film. This process involved a series of meetings starting at the bottom and working up through the various tiers of management, each brief meeting comprising outlining our needs whilst politely drinking the (compulsory) toxically strong black coffee on offer. Several tiers and coffees later we finally met the head man and were given the green light to film.

We headed out to the mine positively high on caffeine – and they say ‘Red Bull gives you wings’!! Nothing compared to the overdose we had just been administered!

Once the uncontrollable shaking had stopped we filmed the process… from mining and transporting the lignite, through to its arrival at the adjacent EGAT power station. Filming in the mine was a strange experience as we were often filming through clouds of smoke whilst standing on very hot ground and the many pockets of underground fire were a little disconcerting to say the least.

We also filmed inside the massive hanger that was the vehicle workshop, witnessing the monster earth-moving trucks being coaxed back to life prior to being returned to the coal fields. Many of these rugged beasts were over thirty years old and had probably had, at some point during their working lives, every moving and non-moving part replaced.

The Mae Moh mine was quite a remarkable place to visit and on a scale quite impossible to accurately describe. It certainly wasn’t pretty but unforgettable never the less.

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