Meeting the Mad Hatter

It’s not every day you are greeted by the client at his factory gate holding a can of lager in one hand and a cigarette in the other:

“Awright Rumble, fancy a beer?”

Something told us that this wasn’t going to be an ordinary shoot.

The crew hauled the kit into the milliner wonderland of Philip Ian Wright and set up for his interview in the studio, stopping to admire, touch and well yeah, try on his work: from the vintage and statement to the flamboyant, edgy and completely indulgent. Weaving from hat to hat, we soon lost ourselves in another world of hat fantasy and alter ego. Is it possible to fall in love with inanimate objects?

Being responsible, or dull, depending on now you look at it, we accepted a cup of tea (the pubs would still be open when we finish) and sat down with Philip and the clipboard to discuss how the shoot would unfold and the format for the imminent interview. We learned of his story, that of the factory and his father Walter Wright, the millinery processes, his team (note he didn’t say “staff”) and of course hats: all that they mean, bring, give and represent. We chatted like we had known this guy for years and drew parallels between the world of hats and films – sounds rather far-fetched but I can explain, honest.

And so the interview…

When it came to pressing record on the camera, nothing really changed. Philip was as natural, effervescent and captivating on camera as off. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to capture him and a flavour of his fascinating world for everyone to see. This interview forms the basis for a series of short films we produced.

And yeah, we still made it to the pub!

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