Meeting Our Orphans

The head teacher of Luchenza Community Day Secondary School identified three orphan girls for us to work with for the purpose of our film: Mazunzo, Catherine and Susan. We would get to know them, spend time with them and learn what life was like for a girl in Malawi through their eyes.

Firstly we were taken to each of their homes and met what family they had and people from their neighbourhoods. The girls were understandably wary of us at the start but gradually the three of them opened up and were comfortable having us hanging around.

The film we were making would be based on what they could tell us and our observations. It was important to build up a relationship with each of the girls and for them to trust us. Girls in Malawi are understandably extremely cautious around men and, as we quickly discovered, unlikely to share anything remotely personal in their presence. We succeeded in overcoming such barriers which was testimony to the friendship we formed over our time there. Nevertheless, it was obvious to us that the role of witchcraft and rituals would not be grounds for exploration in our film - not this one anyway!

This link will take you the short film we produced

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