Mazunzo’s Birthday

Our client of ours, and main point of contact with the girls we worked with when we produced our film in Malawi, has not long returned from a trip to Luchenza.

He tells us that Mazunzo, who celebrated her birthday yesterday, has indeed had a baby. She and her baby daughter have moved away from the small village near Luchenza where she was brought up to live with the family of the child’s father. Apparently he is in the army and has sadly no interest whatsoever in either Mazunzo or their baby, although the hope is that this will change. The good news is that she has a sponsor lined up and ready to support her should she be in a position to continue her education in Blantyre. However, now she has a baby this will evidently prove difficult – and you would have to think unlikely.

The family, and the village in which they live, is very very poor and life is hard we are told. But at least, on the positive side, Mazunzo now has family. The mother, in particular, is extremely caring and protective of both Mazunzo and her baby.

The updates we receive on the lives of our friends in Luchenza are a reminder of just how touch life is for girls in Malawi.

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