Mazunzo Left Behind

It was unfortunate Mazunzo missed out on so much being ill in hospital. But whenever someone from our video production team took the other three girls, Catherine, Susan and Martha to visit her, she actually seemed to be enjoying life on the ward. Being from Malawi with some rare condition that no-one in this country knows very much about, she seemed to have gained celebrity status. The medical staff made a real fuss of Mazunzo and her infectious personality had everyone interested in spending time with her.

And she claimed it wasn’t too hard a life lying in bed watching television, listening to music and being brought meals. Certainly, compared to her life back home, her stay in hospital was absolute luxury.

That said, the prospect of extending her stay in Scotland by six months and being cured of her menacing condition did not outweigh her desire to return to Malawi. She was incredibly grateful for everyone’s commitment to help her medically, but insisted that she wanted to head home and complete her education. The infection in her jaw, for which she had been admitted to hospital, was not resolved by the time the planned day of departure for the Malawi girls came around so Mazunzo, from her hospital bed, had to bid her friends farewell.

You can watch the film Rumble produced exploring the challenging lives of Catherine, Susan and Mazunzo back home in Malawi via

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