Mazunzo In Malawi

Our young friend Mazunzo passed up on the chance of medical treatment and potential cure for her condition at Monklands Hospital in Airdrie and headed home as soon as she was well.

Our producer and director popped along to Glasgow Airport, a few weeks after having waved the other girls, Martha, Catherine and Susan off on their flight back to Malawi, to say our goodbies. Mazunzo was so excited to be going home to her grandmother and brother in the community of Luchenza and you had to respect her decision to want to go home and complete her education.

And indeed Mazunzo successfully passed her exams that year and, along with Martha, went on to study at an extremely reputable all-girls school in Blantyre.

Ironically, her sponsors here in Scotland believed that the Blantyre school would provide her with a better education than that which she would receive at Luchenza Community Day School and, more importantly, being an all-girls school, she would not have the ‘distraction’ of boys.

Well, Catherine informed us by text this week that Mazunzo now has a baby boy and is no longer able to continue her education or, sadly, her dreams of joining the police.

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