Marketing, Advertising and PR

Over the years, our production team has worked with more marketing, advertising and PR agencies than we could ever try to list. In general, we absolutely love this kind of work as each project is short, fast-moving and the brands we have the opportunity to work with can be pretty exciting.

The videos are commissioned to capture theĀ  ideas, campaigns and initiatives these agencies have created to improve the presence and efficacy of their clients’ brands. And so we are involved in filming all sorts of awareness, promotional, research and advertising activity along with product demonstrations, product trials, focus groups, consumer trials and sampling.

And the brands over the years have been anything from those which derive from Scotland such as Tennents, Scottish Power, A.G Barr and Baxters to global brands such as Bacardi, Cointreau and Reebok.

Working with agencies is certainly a completely different kind of work from the video production, event coverage, filming and editing facility work we provide directly to clients. Maybe we will explore some of the great projects we have been involved in – and maybe some of the bad too!!!

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