Makes Us Cringe

Why is it that so many people think that if they write or type what they have to say on a big piece of paper and have it held to the side of the camera, that it will look like they are speaking naturally! Apart from the fact you can see their eyes dashing backwards and forwards (ugh!), only professional presenters have really got the knack of sounding like they are not reading a script. It really makes us cringe when we see this done by some of the less (not in the least) professional outfits in the industry. It is just such an absolute no-no for those who really care about producing quality programmes.

No matter how much people have to say, how experienced or nervous they are, our film crew can always find a way to get people to perform in front of camera. The way it should be!

Not that people don’t give it a go! Oh, they try all the time! We will be setting up a shot and in the corner there will be someone scribbling up their lines in a mad panic! One of the funniest examples of this was when we were filming an interview between a presenter and the Chief Executive of a Council. As the crew were setting up the shot, the door of his office flew open and on two legs, in walked a giant whiteboard. The Chief Executive then took out his favourite marker pen and proceeded to write up his entire interview script. Eek! It took us well over an hour to set up for filming and for the entire time he was writing away furiously.

Whilst the rest of the crew were in a bit of a panic as to why he was being allowed to continue, our director had it all completely under control. At the very moment the crew declared that they were ready to start filming the final full stop was squeaked onto the board! At which point our director, in his usual calm way, picked up the whiteboard and carried it back out of the office saying “You won’t be needing this now will you?”.

There was method to this madness: being occupied had stopped him getting nervous and writing his lines out had engrained what he was going to say! And needless to say he performed brilliantly!

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