Mad About Eggs

Did we ever say how much our friends from Malawi love eggs??

The girls we filmed for our documentary in Malawi live in households which each only have a single hen. With one egg laid per day, the girls must patiently wait their turn to enjoy an egg. And given that their staple diet is nsima, a mix of cornflour and water, served once a day with whatever is available, it is no great wonder they consider eggs an exciting delicacy.

Whilst here in Scotland as part of an exchange programme, they evidently found the food plentiful, varied and extremely interesting! But over and above everything on offer, Catherine, Susan, Mazunzo and Martha still showed an overwhelming preference for, and in fact couldn’t get enough, eggs!

For our day trip to the island of Inchcailloch on Loch Lomond with Catherine, Susan and Martha, our crew was therefore sure to include some hard boiled eggs in with the sandwiches and fruit in the picnic bag. Sure enough, when we reached the beautiful beach on the island, the girls eagerly waited for the picnic, but specifically the eggs, to make an appearance. And when they did the girls didn’t waste any time! The three of them managed to devour the entire box of eggs – a dozen!

This link will take you to the short film Rumble produced about girls in Malawi and their struggle for an education

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