Lost In Translation

We once produced a programme for the National Parks in the UK. It was filmed at the height of summer at Loch Lomond in Scotland – in the torrential rain! It was a desperately miserable shoot. Everyone was soaked to the skin including our presenter who, despite our best efforts to keep her covered, looked completely drowned. In fairness, no-one other than the our film crew seemed the slightest bit aware it was raining, let alone bothered!

The job was really very simple. Until, that is, we filmed the Welsh version of the programme. Despite the fact that our Welsh presenter was working from an exact translation of the English script we had produced, it was all rather tricky to follow. Blame the rain!

It did occur to us that she could have been saying absolutely anything at all and none of us would be any the wiser, but she seemed nice enough and we reckoned we could trust her! The programme was obviously approved by one of the Welsh National Parks when the edit was complete, but that wasn’t much consolation at the time!

We should really put this on our website as it would be good to have our Welsh programming represented. In the meantime you can see an excerpt from a film of ours about Loch Lomond www.rumblelimited.tv/loch_lomond

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