Life Of Crime

It’s not every day that you stand face to face with someone whose CV includes gang member, drug addict, armed bank robber, prisoner and homeless – and walk away feeling like you have just met one of the most amazing people!

No, our production team are neither easily led nor impressed by acts of crime. And indeed, it is not our interviewee’s ‘career’ that leaves the lasting mark in our memories, but rather the incredible way in which he has turned himself and his life around.

Our interviewee has an amazing story to tell and, realising this, he has begun to write a book. A certain top seller! We often talk about how, if only we could find the time, our production team would love to produce a film about his incredible journey.

In the meantime, however, we reflect and appreciate how fortunate we are to be able to share first hand in the stories of those in society who have beaten all odds and built themselves a future away from that which they were destined to lead.

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