Letter From Malawi

Well well well…. the longest ever awaited letter has finally completed its long and complicated journey from the community of Luchenza in Malawi to Glasgow! Catherine did mention in her text messages that she had written to us before Christmas but we have had to disappoint our friend with the truth that it hadn’t made it… until today that is!

Her letter confirms her intentions to start college  (school as she calls is) and we hear from other sources that she is doing very well. As to be expected, Catherine will drop the occasional little  hint with regard to money but this is not the basis of our friendship with her, and is only natural given the importance she places on her education. In fact, getting a letter to her proves pretty much impossible let alone money!

In this technological world of e-communication, there was something distinctly special about receiving her hand-written letter and photograph. However, from a practical point of view it has taken four months for us to get her letter and email would certainly have its instant advantages. She has been equipped with a laptop for her course by her sponsors, so surely it is only a matter of time before we are emailing our friend in Malawi. In the meantime, we shall look forward to receiving her updates via text message.

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