Lawnmower Man

The good weather has started. Although will it last?

Regardless, one thing is certain… the grass-cutting season is officially under way! For most people, the sound of lawnmowers purring up and down outside is a lovely reminder that winter is over and we are heading towards warmer and longer summertime days.

Without sounding miserable, grass-cutting is the bane of our film crew’s working life! It really doesn’t matter what daylight hour or where we film, it’s never terribly long before the sound of some large petrol lawnmower will be picked up on the headphones. Sometime later, a man (generally!) on one of those sit-on grass machines will make his much-anticipated appearance on the horizon. And so filming will stop. And so it will remain stopped until the entire stretch of land before us  has been completely mown and the man is chugging his way back over the horizon to happy lawnmower land.

On occasion, when we are filming something really short, or if we are painfully close to the “wrap”, we cajole the friendliest person on the shoot to run up to (chase after!) lawnmower man and plead with him to take a well-deserved rest to let us finish what we are doing. Needless to say, not many people care about our job in hand as much as we do, and therefore our odds of success are poor.

Roll on summer!

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