Kids In Care

Children and young people in care tend to be on the receiving end of bad press, and indeed it would be wrong to suggest that our film crew did not feel some apprehension ahead of our initial ‘care’ project. But our production team pride themselves in producing ‘people programmes’, as we call them, and being able to engage and enthuse even the most challenging of individuals.

Some of the kids we have worked with are what you may term strong characters. But we find once they have respect, a role and a platform to express themselves – and generally a chance to paw the camera – the bravado breaks down and they enjoy the filming process and positively blossom in front of the camera.

Cared for and looked after children don’t have the easiest lives. There are any number of reasons why a child may need to be in care and once you have heard their stories about being moved homes with ten minutes notice to pack everything they own into black bin liners, it’s impossible not to give them the understanding and perhaps a little more patience and attention than we might normally when we are filming.

For reasons of confidentiality, these films are not on our website.

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