Keeping In Touch With Catherine

When we produced our film One Day in Malawi our appointed ‘buddy’ Catherine was in her final year at Luchenza Community Day Secondary School. She was fortunate enough to benefit from an orphan sponsorship scheme initiated by the Health Lifestyle Project here in Scotland, which enabled her to have and complete an education.

Since leaving school she has to date been employed to run a woman’s health group in the local community. Managed remotely by the Healthy Lifestyle Project, Catherine has been provided with a mobile phone from which she sends us updates on her progress and the well-being of the friends we made in Luchenza.

Her latest text informed us that she was going to be starting college in Blantyre to study Business Administration, made possible as a direct result of the ongoing support she receives from her sponsors here in Scotland. It is the hope that once she has completed her two-year course, she will be able to further her career by being trained to supervise all Girls Go For Health groups in the area.

It is great that Catherine has come so far and is day by day beating the odds so firmly stacked against an orphan girl in Malawi.

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