Just Plain Daft

There’s a first for everything!

Some of our crew has been working in this video production game since 1981 and no-one has come across an enquiry quite like today’s. Whilst, frustratingly, it has managed to monopolise a good part of our day, it has, in its own special way, been an interesting exercise.

It started with a phonecall out of the blue, chased by an email, requesting that we remove a promotional web video we produced from the internet because the caller’s property could be partially seen in a couple of our street shots. Now, zooming a camera lens into the window of someone’s house is clearly incorrect and in breach of privacy laws and, in line with data confidentiality, we are careful to avoid shots which connect people’s identities and car registration plates etc. with their private properties. As responsible and professional video producers we at all times adopt a common sense approach to how we go about our filming business and in all these years we have never managed to get anyone’s back up.

Until today it would seem.

Unfortunately, for some, there is nothing preventing people filming and taking photographs from public property such as the street whether it be for either a personal or commercial purpose; the exceptions being Trafalgar Square, Parliament Square and Royal Parks where permission must be sought for commercial purposes. Google Street View is perfect proof and yes, of course, our caller’s premises can be seen clear as day on that!

We have since learned of an ongoing, if a little one-sided, feud between neighbouring property owners: our client and our caller.

Oh well, new experiences can’t always be positive ones.

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