Just In The Nick Of Time

We were on our way to the beautiful Isle of Arran when this particular (can laugh about it now) horror story took place…

As we headed to Ardrossan to catch the ferry we suffered every motorist’s pet hate: a puncture. We were travelling in our trusty workhorse Volvo estate at the time and had a boot full of filming kit which sadly had to be deposited at the side of the road in order to access the spare wheel. The fact that it was raining seemed very quickly to be the least of our worries as, to our dismay, we discovered that the spare too was flat.

But it was okay! We recalled how our ‘head of vehicle maintenance’ had, in his wisdom, rather than replace the last punctured tyre, visited a scrap yard and bought a new wheel complete with tyre…brilliant! We just needed a pump!

Fortunately we had ground to our bumpy stop just outside a little cottage in the middle of nowhere, so one of us went to the door in search of a foot pump. The lady owner was reluctant to lend her pump to us as she had recently had one stolen. After much persuasion, however, she finally relented and we rushed back to put air in the awaiting tyre.

There was now the very real possibility that we could miss the ferry! Not good!

With the car jacked up, the flat removed and the spare freshly inflated we set about the simple task of fitting it. It was at this point we made the next horrific discovery…..the wheel wouldn’t fit!! The brake drum had a locating pin to make it easy to line the wheel up for fitting but unfortunately this wheel didn’t have the locating hole through which this pin would pop. Aaaaargh!!!!

Back we went to our reluctant lady’s door to persuade her to lend us some tools. And after some vein-popping exertion the pin was finally persuaded to release its rusty grip and with lightning speed the wheel was fitted, the spare and kit were returned to the boot in somewhat less than orderly fashion and we virtually flew the remaining miles to the ferry arriving only a matter of seconds before the ramp closed.

Needless to say the client Arran Distillers ended up with a lovely promotional film and all worked out well in the end.

There is something about taking ferry trips and why is it that no matter how much time you allow, journeys often don’t go quite as planned. We once spent an entire afternoon in Stranraer having missed a ferry to Belfast en route to shoot a music video for Dana……but that’s a story for another blog.

Just as a footnote, we did return both foot pump and tools to our reluctant lady so she may well have renewed faith and lend them out again in the future.

To this day we all really love the whisky-making montage in our Isle of Arran promo and agree we should get a bit of it up on our website. In the meantime you can, however, watch the Ardbeg programme our guys filmed for Anglia Television on www.rumblelimited.tv/ardbeg

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