Jewel Case Mountain

In the good old days of video production, the music library was a visible feature of any edit suite. Cabinets were dedicated to housing CD upon hundreds of CDs each in their colourful and space-consuming jewel case. There was something very uniform and pleasing on the eye about our old production music library and back in the days when CDs were all the rage, clients were (easily) impressed at the floor to ceiling wall-wide covering of music CDs.

However, for all it looked good, the music library was an every-growing entity and one which our editors found pretty impossible to keep on top of. Every morning, the first person to arrive would have to heave the door open past jiffy envelopes crammed full of the latest releases from music production houses (generally) in London. And then came the task of ripping your fingers off trying to get into each envelope until another daily mound of CD cases sat waiting for the all-important file-a-thon. Needless to say, the secretarial task of filing the CDs into their appropriate area on the shelves of the music library was never one which appealed at the start of any working day, and not surprisingly it was even less of an attractive proposition at the end! It wasn’t really a quick or simple process, to be fair, as CDs would have to be dismissed (yes binned!) in order to make space for the new stock, and that required an element of listening. And so it wouldn’t be long before a range of jewel case mountains would develop along the foot of the CD wall.

Gradually, over time, the morning welcome stack of jiffy envelopes behind the office door  decreased until one day there was none. And in their place came the beautiful lightweight effective little friendly MP3 file, perfectly storable on any computer in the office. What a difference this has made to the process, but there’s a blog for another day….

Those environmentally-aware readers will be relieved to know that whilst we did bin the CDs we made a special point of recycling the jiffy envelopes and jewel cases.

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