It’s A Track!

One of the dullest (and trickiest!) shoots we got asked to do involved a set of tracks, on which a little robot ferried stuff between two machines in a factory.

Our film crew, and a photographer, were asked to go and do a recce of these tracks, to see how it all worked. We don’t always have the opportunity to recce our locations but it’s good to know in advance what the job entails – saves a few surprises on the day!

Well, we’d budgeted a half day’s filming for the video but it soon became apparent that four minutes would be more accurate! We were not to film either machine or the robot - just the platform that it sat on moving up and down the tracks. How many angles can you take of a set of tracks?

Needless to say we had a good giggle with the photographer, who was equally bemused by the prospect of having to come back the next day and fill a half day’s shoot!!

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