Italian Rugby Hospitality

It’s another Six Nations rugby weekend with Scotland playing Ireland tomorrow, England versus France later today and and in a matter of minutes Italy take on Wales.

Whilst the rugby we filmed during our schools tour in Italy, was (sorry boys!) a world away from an international standard, it was never short of entertainment value – on and off the pitch.

A particular highlight for everyone on tour was the post-match hospitality. Each Italian rugby team gave their Scottish counterparts a scorching welcome at each of the club houses with great food, prize presentations and entertainment (not to mention the sampling of some of Italy’s finest beverages on offer to off-duty crew!). We all sat on benches at massive tables whilst enormous vats of pasta and sauce travelled the room. Everyone was integrated and it was great to see the boys have a go at communicating with the opposite nationality. The Italians went out of their way to provide an experience the boys would never forget – although the winner of the raw sausages on a ribbon prize may wish he could!

The Scotland rugby team, not to be beaten off the pitch as they may have been on it, had their tour piper, accordionist and singer perform (not together!) some traditional Scottish music, which was hugely appreciated by our Italian hosts.

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