Invitation To Scotland

The documentary about Malawi we produced was set in and around the Luchenza community and the girls in our film were pupils at Luchenza Community Day Secondary School, which is twinned with a secondary school in North Lanarkshire in Scotland. In return for their involvement in the film, the girls were invited by the partner school to come to Scotland as part of an exchange programme.

Our many blogs about our time in Malawi give an insight into the lives of our friends, their homes, lifestyle and general day-to-day struggle. They live in houses made of mud and brick, they have no running water and eat only one meal a day. They struggle to pay their school fees and to say they have no material possessions is an understatement. However, our blogs hopefully also convey how we found our Malawian friends to be the happiest and proudest people we have ever had the privilege of getting to know. They may, like all teenagers, yearn for money and possessions, yet their values are so correctly placed and to be admired: family, health and education.

And so to bring them to the UK for a week was not a comfortable idea with our film crew, who had spent such valuable time with the girls in their community in Malawi. For all the invitation was made out of kindness, we didn’t, and still don’t, believe the visit could be in their best interest. And for all they would enjoy three weeks of being pampered and spoilt with everything money could buy, our overbearing concern was what impact would it all have on their happy lives back home in Malawi?

This link will take you to the short film Rumble produced in Malawi about girls and their struggle for an education

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