Inverness For Thirty Seconds

Our video production company is dedicated to making engaging and effective films and our team likes to think we go the extra mile for our clients. Safe to say that our trip to Inverness a few years ago is proof that this indeed is the case…

Rumble was producing the play-in video for some Scottish business awards for which the interviews for the Most Enterprising category were to be filmed on an identified day in Edinburgh.

One of the finalists, a woman who ran Highland Bioscience in Inverness, couldn’t make the filming date leaving our client resigned to the fact that this nominee would only be represented in the video by still images: clearly far from ideal!

In order to maintain the style of the video our producer and cameraman made a bespoke journey to Inverness… to quite literally film thirty seconds! Our efforts very much appreciated and ensured a far finer final product for the big night.

We don’t have the video of this particular award nominee on our website but you can watch a different interview on

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