Interview Technique

Having produced many (hundreds of) charity films over the years, there quite possibly isn’t a condition, illness or addiction our production team hasn’t yet explored and written a script about. Along the way we have met people from all kinds of backgrounds whose lives have been turned around with the help of charitable organisations and their dedicated team of staff and volunteers.

Obviously some situations we have experienced and people we have met remain in our memories more than others, for whatever reason.

Not so long ago we conducted an interview with a recovering alcoholic. The woman was selected by our client, the charity, to share her personal journey from alcohol dependency, losing her home and any contact with her family to living a fulfilled and happy life in supported accommodation.

As is the Rumble way, our producer, director and crew dedicated time prior to filming to get to know the woman and have a run-through of the questions she would be asked and the information we were looking for from her. She seemed incredibly nervous about the prospect of talking in front of camera but our film crew were confident by the end of our discussion that she felt prepared and at ease with us and the process.

Just as we were about to start filming in the garden of her shared accommodation, our interviewee said she needed her jacket and briefly disappeared back into the house. When she returned, we stood her in position and as the interview began our film crew were delighted to find that she seemed surprisingly less inhibited than we had expected. As filming progressed, she became more and more confident and animated until by half way through our questions she was positively swaying about and releasing a whole new vocabulary of slurred expletives.

Turns out that in the few minutes she had spent in the house collecting her jacket she had necked two litres of extra strong cider!

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