International Webcast

Podcasts are already massively popular with companies of all sizes, as they allow people to go online and watch video at a time which suits them. Global time zones mean our working hours vary from country to country so there will always be a need for podcasts. However, webcast is fast becoming the way large organisations communicate internally with their employees and shareholders. Being live it allows information to be announced, presented or accessed by everyone at exactly the same time and can even incorporate question and answer sessions.

The developments with the internet not only enable people to watch video live from anywhere in the world, but it also now plays a great part in the production of video too.

Rumble is often commissioned to simply provide filming facilities, and our crew have filmed for television and video production companies based all over the world. To date, we would just hand over the tapes or courier them out. Now, however, the trend is to upload the material onto a company’s ftp site via the internet.

We were recently involved in a webcast produced by Beam Global Spirits & Wine Inc. – the premium spirits business of leading consumer brands company Fortune Brands Inc. And this was an international project from start to finish. An interview with the managing director we filmed in Scotland was edited in Madrid for a final webcast produced in Illinois in the United States of America to be watched by the world!

We don’t have a copy of the final video but you can see plenty of our work on

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