Internal Communication

As companies grow in size and expand into other countries, communicating key information to the masses can be tricky. Sending the Chief Executive or the likes around every office in the world can be a costly and time-consuming affair. Also, these days, organisations are becoming increasingly aware of their global carbon footprint.

Now, whilst there is nothing quite like a personal address, video really is the next best thing. A professionally produced video that is. Simply sticking a camera at the back of the room and playing the results to a room of people gathered around at another location, is not really going to be very effective. Frankly, no matter what the content of the presentation, the viewing experience is going to be so boring that the audience will very quickly become disengaged – and that’s not much use!

Rumble filmed yesterday’s roadshow on two cameras giving us two shot sizes and in the edit we will incorporate the presentation slides as television graphics along with cutaway shot of the audience in order to ensure that the video is as slick and professional as the client organisation.

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