Ice Skating In Cardiff

The filming schedule for a patient information film we produced took us the length and breadth of the United Kingdom (literally). Part of our shoot in Cardiff involved filming a family enjoying a day out together ice skating and having a bar meal. The manager of the ice rink was extremely accommodating and allowed us pretty much a free run of the place, although our film crew stopped short of getting on the ice with the kit! We filmed at a really quiet time of day and, as always, all the relevant filming formalities were carried out to ensure we had permission to film anyone else sharing the rink at the time. Covered!

Well, it would seem not!

Once the whole film had been edited and the final cut was out with the client for approval, a “small point” was raised with regard to product placement. Someone in the company suggested it might be inappropriate to have any advertising appear in the final film. Now, anyone who has seen an ice rink (and not talking Dancing On Ice here!) will know that the advertising boards go around the entire boundary of the rink in one continuous loop!! Funnily enough, there was wasn’t a single bit of ice skating footage that didn’t feature the advertising boards in the background, apart from maybe a close up of a skater’s face or boot, but that wouldn’t make much of a sequence!

Safe to say that product placement or confidentiality issues are always best raised at the outset!

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