Houston We Got a Problem

Or Fort Lauderdale rather…


Our producer and director recently spent a week out in Florida filming a chiropractic convention. There are a wealth of blogs about our american adventure, just waiting to be hatched, but this (problem) has dashed to the front of the queue.

You see, the footage we have come back with is making the production team shriek!

It’s only chiropractors demonstrating adjustments, which our producer and director can vouch don’t hurt (well, much!) having been on the receiving end when they were there. (Yip, dragged to the wrong side of the camera again!). But it’s no spectator sport and to say our wonderfully sensitive mics don’t help is an understatement!

We have filmed and edited lots of gory stuff over the years so we will of course become desensitised once we’ve been looking at it long enough. But at this rate it could take a while…

So far our producer has spent two days peeking through screwed shut eyes, hands over her face, gasping and screaming. Okay she is pretty squeamish. However, if our hardy director is spontaneously flying back from the monitor in his swivel chair shrieking, you know we got a problem!

We are all going to have to get a grip and soon, or we are never going to have this edited!

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