Good Guy Bad Guy

Core members of Rumble’s current production team were responsible for years of community programming on Scottish Television, which was broadcast daily at peak evening viewing times in order to raise awareness of various causes across Scotland. The charities and community groups featured used the slot to seek volunteering support for anything from pet fostering to woman’s aid.

The organisations were located the length and breadth of Scotland and one of our crews would generally film five in any day. Inevitably some were always more prepared than others for filming and what was essentially their free television advert.

Understandably those groups dealing with issues such as domestic abuse, burglary and violence didn’t ever really have anything or anyone for us to film. Therefore, on a fairly regular basis, our sound guy would step into shot to play the role of whatever criminal or abuser was required for the story.

All very well until he would be having a drink in his local pub and appear on television! His real occupation was no secret to those who knew him but he was forever conscious of disparaging stares from those who didn’t! Complete strangers would cross the street to avoid him!!!

None of these programmes are on our website but we have plenty of other charity films such as this short promo

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