Golden Girls (?)

Our crew are involved in filming all sorts of events across the UK (and beyond) and some jobs are  more interesting than others. And inevitably there are events which appeal more to the male members of  the crew than the female contingency. Generally, when it comes to either monster trucks or scantily-clad dancers, the boys are the happier team.

One of our jobs at the gorgeous Cafe de Paris in London was the launch of a bartenders yearbook for a major drinks company. It was a fantastic event with all sorts of entertainment put on for the huge number of guests who attended. At one point in the proceedings, when the lights dipped and the track of music ‘man eater’ started blaring, the female crew members suspected that things weren’t going to go their way. On the balcony appeared a group of scantily-clad dancers in small gold garments and glitter, all dancing in what could best be described as a somewhat provocative manner.

Whilst the female members of our film crew exchanged the familiar look of ‘here we go: something for the boys again’, the guys in the crew moved into more advantageous camera positions – for purely professional reasons obviously.

As Rumble’s boys clearly began to enjoy their night more than ever, the girls in the crew had a quiet chuckle as they realised that most of these sexy golden dancing girls were in actual fact men! They didn’t have the heart to let on… until the end of the night anyway!

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