From Luchenza to Loch Lomond

We spent a lovely day with Catherine, Susan and Martha on the beautiful island of Inchcailloch on Loch Lomond. It was an unusually warm sunny day (despite our African friends’ attire!) and so we were able to enjoy our picnic sitting on the white sand beach. With time to relax before we resumed our walk and took the boat back to Balmaha, the girls headed to the water’s edge.

We warned them that the water in the loch would be extremely cold. However, no sooner had we said this than they had kicked their shoes off and started paddling in the water. The girls were visibly taken aback by the expanse of water before their eyes. In their home town of Luchenza our film crew had seen a river where women washed clothes, but these girls’ communities relied only on a local well and small springs. The three girls, including Martha on her crutches, waded into the crystal clear water splashing, smiling and laughing.

It was truly special to watch them enjoying themselves in the loch, a world away from their burdened lives and the daily responsibility of survival that weighs upon their young shoulders back in Malawi. As we sat there observing, the girls broke into song; a spontaneous reaction to their happiness perhaps.

This is a moment in our lives we shall never forget. And our photograph of Catherine and Susan, to the right, captures our memory perfectly.

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