Foreigners At Home

Well some of our film crew aren’t very happy boys tonight. Their filming job in St Andrews had an early enough finish, ahead of a very early start in the morning, for a short trip to the pub to watch the football. It is a football night after all ! Rangers were playing Dundee United and it’s all rather critical, it being their penultimate game of the season.

The crew’s delight at being able to escape on a working night to watch the football was somewhat marred by the fact that, according to the American bar staff of a certain bar in the centre of St Andrews, the pubs won’t be showing Rangers or Celtic games on television as “St Andrews is a tourist destination and there is no interest in Scottish football”. And so the bar staff who, despite the fact our (Scottish) guys were the only people in the pub, insisted on showing the Manchester City versus Tottenham Hotspur game on the pub screens.

Oh well. Just as well it’s a beautiful place and a strict supporter of Scotland’s other wonderful game: golf.

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