Footballers’ Wives

So, the client is a PR company and the job is to go to Manchester and film an event their brand  is sponsoring. The remit is to promote what a successful evening it is, the popularity of the drink and what a strong presence the brand has at the event.

In preparation for filming, we are armed with a detailed brief outlining the format of the evening, important people to look out for, key points of the event to be covered, brand awareness and point-of-sale material to feature  along with general notes on the style and ambience of the event the client is creating.

Simple! Right up our street.

This was going to be a glam night by the sounds of things. The event was taking place in a very classy venue in Manchester and most guests, we were informed, would be arriving by limousine no less. It was anticipated that the evening would be predominantly attended by women and particularly those of the ‘footballers’ wives’ variety so make sure we get shots of their glitzy attire.

Our film crew were actually rather excited about this shoot. Not only was there the promise of a lovely cocktail, or two, at the end of our night’s work (a little change from our customary pint!) but it always makes filming PR videos all the more easy when the ‘preferred’ clientèle turn up and genuinely have a fantastic night. Nothing gives us more joy than being spoilt for shots of the desired target group drinking lots of the brand in question.

Well funnily enough that’s not exactly how the evening panned out. There were no limousines and we were overwhelmingly surrounded by lots of blokes drinking pints of lager!!!

Needless to say, our guys managed to pick out the right people and the right drinks and no-one watching the video of the event would have been any the wiser!

Click here to see a more recent video of an event we covered at The Corinthian Club in Glasgow

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