Food Fit For Rugby

Well it’s another rugby weekend with Wales playing Ireland and Italy playing France today and the infamous Calcutta Cup game between England and Scotland tomorrow. Would be wonderful to see our Scotland rugby team pull off a win and their fifth Six Nations victory ever at Twickenham against the Auld Enemy (sorry England!) but we don’t really hold a great deal of hope (sorry Scotland!). Whatever happens, it’s sure to be an exciting rugby weekend.

The rugby tournament we produced a documentary about was Italy versus Scotland every time, but it was not short of entertainment. The Healthy Lifestyle Project in North Lanarkshire played a huge part in the organisation of the trip and so the school boys, many whom had never been abroad before, were offered a cultural and educational experience as well as fun and rugby.

One of the more interesting excursions on the ‘healthy eating’ theme was the boys’ trip to a restaurant not far from Lido Di Jesolo where they were individually taught how to make their own authentic Italian pizza from scratch. The cookery workshop took place around a traditional wood fire pizza oven situated outside. The weather was glorious, the pizzas were out of this world and we didn’t need a great deal of footage for the film so there wasn’t a lot of filming for us to do – all making for a rather pleasant shoot. And, nice too for our film crew to be able to enjoy some food during a shoot!

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