First Ever Boat Trip

With all the technological marvels in the world nowadays, teenagers keep themselves amused with their mobile phone, computer, playstation, ipad, iphone and wii. And with new gadgets appearing on the market all the time, they are more and more immersed, and even reliant, in the entertainment the latest mod con can provide.

There was therefore something magically refreshing about our trip to Loch Lomond with the girls from Malawi. Our director and producer arranged to take Martha, Susan and Catherine to the beautiful island of Inchcailloch for the day and they were so excited, we were told, that they had hardly slept the night previous.

After a short drive from Glasgow through the countryside we arrived at Balmaha. As we walked down to the boatyard, the girls stopped in amazement at the sight of Loch Lomond. They had never seen such a large expanse of water as this before.

None of the girls had ever been in a boat. They were as excited as they were apprehensive, although ironically Martha, with her crutches and only one functioning leg, was the first down Balmaha jetty to the awaiting boat. As the wooden motor boat left dry land and we set off on our ten minute journey to the island of Inchailloch, every hand was clutching the side of the boat. But the girls quickly relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed their first ever boat trip.

Just as well really, given that the only way off the island was the boat trip back to the mainland later in the day.

This link will take you to the short film Rumble produced about girls in Malawi and their struggle for an education

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