Final Night In Malawi

You can take a film crew out of Scotland but you can’t take the Scotland out of a film crew…..we therefore spent our last night in Malawi in the pub. Where else? And it was a great night.

Leman, our driver, took us all to a bar in Mulanje to enjoy some good music, a lively atmosphere and some more of that Carlsberg Green – all good ingredients for a fun evening! The bar was split into two areas, both absolutely packed with people; one with a pool table and the other a ‘dance floor’. The highlight of the evening had to be when our crew hit the dance floor to the beats of Bob Marley and gave it their best moves. A local guy, intrigued by the spectacle, and looking slightly displaced, went up to our director and asked how come he could dance, stating that it wasn’t normal for him to be able to dance…. because he is white! Think a few locals may have changed their opinion of white folk and their ability to groove!

This link will take you to our short film

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