Filming In The Rain

Do do-do do do do do-do-do do I’m…

It’s May. The best month of the year here in Scotland, generally.  Our production team are always delighted when the filming stage of a video project falls in May. The days are longer so filming days can be too and every shoot scheduled to take place outdoors has a fairly strong guarantee of beautiful weather, certainly better than the summer months of June, July or August can usually provide.

Usually that is.

This month the rain has been absolutely relentless and with so much filming taking place outside, it has been a real inconvenience. Blobs on the camera lens and the banging of rain drops on the microphones aren’t much good. And whilst a good old-fashioned umbrella will prevent the kit from becoming soaked, the falling rain creates an underbed of sound which resembles a frantic tap dance. Add to that a steamed-up camera viewfinder, soaked crew, soggy presenters and an incredible amount of time standing about waiting for a reasonable break in the rain to continue filming and all in all it is just plain miserable.

On a positive note, were the sun to make an appearance directly following a downpour then shots would look amazingly colourful and vibrant. However, there hasn’t been much evidence of that little perk of late.

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