Farewell Gifts

Our production team was sad when the day arrived for our friends from Malawi to leave Scotland. Whilst we had been far from in favour of them coming to Scotland in the first place (for all the right reasons) it had been fantastic to spend time with them again. Who knows, after all, if we ever will again.

On behalf of everyone at Rumble, our video production company, we presented each of the girls with a little goody bag comprising a box of dominoes because they are hard-wearing and fun; elastic bands for them to make skipping ropes; a wind-up torch so that they could study in the dark evening hours and a box of pens to enable them to take notes at school. It wasn’t much but they were delighted with their presents and appreciated the sentiment behind them.

Mazunzo was still in hospital when the scheduled day of departure came around but, not to be missed out, our producer and director visited her that evening to give her her presents. She was delighted, particularly with her wind-up torch. With no electricity back home, and nightfall at 6pm, this would enable her to study in the evening once all her household chores were complete.

You can watch the short film Rumble produced exploring the challenging lives of Catherine, Susan and Mazunzo back home in Malawi via  www.rumblelimited.tv/malawi

For all your video production requirements visit www.rumble.tv

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