Facebook In Malawi

It’s amazing who you find on Facebook (our browsing was purely for business purposes obviously).

Not entirely sure how it came about but today we came across the former Head Teacher of Luchenza Community Day Secondary School in Malawi, our main point of contact when we were filming our documentary. We were aware that his school had been provided with internet access. However, to think he is on Facebook is extremely bizarre.

We haven’t yet got over the fact that our friend Catherine communicates with us by text message from her remote community in rural Malawi. She has lately been supplied with a computer and email address for her work but hasn’t, by the looks of things, mastered how to send an email despite our ongoing encouragement.

To think that we could in the future be interacting with Catherine and receiving regular updates from her on Facebook, is a wonderful thought. We would never have imagined being Facebook friends to be a reality in this lifetime, but if the Head Teacher is already there, surely it’s just a matter of time.

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