Dodging The Result

Like every video production company, we have produced our fair share of whisky programmes. With Glasgow Rangers playing in Europe tonight (against PSV Eindhoven for those interested), May 1992 and a trip north to film at a distillery for a whisky promo springs to mind….

It was a pretty easy shoot as the remit was not to tell the whisky-making story but film some pretty shots to be intercut with other footage covering the blending and bottling processes. We decided to work a little later than usual as, being football fans, we wanted to avoid hearing the result of what had been dubbed ‘The Battle of Britain’ and enjoy the highlights of the game later in the hotel bar. The football match was a Champions League tie between Leeds United and Glasgow Rangers. Both teams were champions of their respective Scottish and English leagues and, with the advantage after the first leg being 2-1 in the Scots’ favour, it was still very much all to play for.

Avoiding the football score during the shoot didn’t prove too tricky and we turned off the trusty Volvo estate’s radio on the journey back to the hotel to be doubly safe. We arrived back at our hotel in Keith and, after a quick freshen up, settled into our chairs in the bar armed with our (customary) post-shoot beer in time for the match highlights kicking off. Perfect! It was edge of the seat stuff too! And then, out of nowhere, the barmaid appeared from behind the bar and switched the television off!

“Oi, what are you doing?” we asked her in absolute astonishment.

“Am awa’ hame noo. Ma shifts ower” she grumpily replied (meaning her shift had finished and she was going home!)

We raced upstairs to watch the remainder of the game only to be faced with yet more trauma: one of the bedrooms had a working television but a broken heater and the other had a broken television but a working heater – none of which were interchangeable. The hotel was bitterly cold but we opted to risk hypothermia and saw the Scottish team win 2-1.

This Highland ‘Fawlty Towers’ is not at all typical of Scottish hotels, where you can normally expect a warm reception……..and room!

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