Dining Out

Meal times in Malawi were memorable.

Despite the fact it was winter in Malawi we sat outside to dine each evening. It was summer back in Scotland after all. For those amongst us who feel the cold, and even those who don’t, nights were somewhat fresh. But determined to show that we were hardy beings unfazed by anything that Malawi had to throw (or fly) at us, we sat out every night.

Each meal time brought with it a brand new invasion from what (un)affectionately became known as ‘juicy- arsed flies’. Not sure what they were despite getting to know them very (far too) well. They were like over-sized wasps with a grotesquely swollen body which clearly outweighed their flying ability. They swarmed around the light above our table constantly and the thuds as they hit our plates became a familiar soundtrack to dinner.

They were by far the most disgusting creatures we have had the misfortune of encountering. Enough to make a grown man self-eject from a seat!

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