Crew To The Rescue

We produce lots of films which deal with sensitive issues and revolve around vulnerable groups. Understandably, many people who are homeless, suffering from addiction or illness do not want to be filmed. But it can make life quite difficult for us video producers who desperately want to show real scenes involving real people! Plus we need shots!

Years ago we produced a programme for Scottish Television about an HIV and Aids hospice in Edinburgh called Waverley Care. Despite much preparation and the best of efforts on the day, we couldn’t get anyone to feature in the programme!

We were faced with the dilemma of having a television presenter walking around a desolate-looking hospice talking about the wonderful care provided to residents! In the end the crew came to the rescue. We would set up each scene and everyone except the cameraman would run into shot and stand in as hospice residents.

Not surprisingly this programme isn’t on our website. However we have plenty of other charity films, where we did succeed in having people to film

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