Completely Confidential

Before the huge advances in computer technology, the internet and the ability to easily stream video online, DVD (and previously VHS) duplication played a much larger role in the daily activity of a video production company.

The machines in our duplication suite used to be on the go constantly in order to keep on top of orders as, in the old days, it was the only way of distributing every programme we produced. And when we weren’t dealing with our own productions, we were copying other people’s videos too.

None, however, were quite as exciting as the videos BAe Sema (now BAe Systems) used to bring to the duplication suite. So confidential was the material that staff had to sign confidentiality disclaimers and the tapes and suite were accompanied by an official at all times!

The programmes being copied simulated the design and operation of aircraft carriers they were planning to build so no wonder it was top secret.

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