Chiropractic Web Video

You’ve guessed it. Last night our crew were filming at a chiropractic.

Rumble is currently producing a web video for chiropractor Richard Phelps who is based at the Falkirk branch of Glasgow Chiropractic. In recognition of the fact that all companies need video on their website these days in order to remain competitive, Richard’s idea was to produce a web video which promotes his work but also breaks down some of the barriers which prevent people, who would benefit enormously from treatment, from making that first appointment.

Our crew has endured years of standing filming for long hours, lifting heavy kit and lugging it about like human pack horses so it is no great surprise that most of them have been to a chiropractor at some point in their career. Whilst thoughts of receiving a little adjustment whilst on siteĀ  may have sneaked into their minds last night, it was all a new experience for our producer. Hmm… no comment.

This worked out perfectly, as it happened, given that the primary purpose of the web video is to demonstrate to potentially new customers that chiropractic treatment is a friendly, non-evasive and simple process. At least it is with Richard Phelps! The atmosphere at his practice does not resemble a doctor’s surgery, there is only a single sheet of questions to complete on registration, information is chatted through and there is no stripping off required. And, being adjusted didn’t look (or sound) too bad either!

As soon as the decks are clear we can look forward to making a start on the edit. We shall of course be back with a link to the web video as soon as it is complete.

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