Children’s Hearings

The adverts recruiting volunteers for the children’s hearings panel in Scotland have been playing on the radio fairly frequently today.

This is a cause close to our hearts as our video production team produced the original Children’s Hearings System videos for the Scottish government many years ago. It was a major project comprising the production of two films: one to recruit panel members and the other to train them. And apart from a few amends in line with changes to legislation, they are still to our knowledge being used today.

Whilst the laws surrounding the welfare of children may be a complex subject, the principle at the core of the hearings system is deadly simple. Ordinary people make ordinary decisions in the best interest of the child. And from what we experienced, and the people we met, it seems like immensely satisfying work. The volunteers on the panel feel like they are making a real difference to the lives of children in Scotland and doing their bit for the community. And they are.

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